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The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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 Disipline: Presence

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To many, vampires seem to exude and air of command, sensuality, or intimadation. For a master of Presence, emotions are playthings to be manipulated and stimulated. When many Cainites survive through careful manipulation of mortal society, the ability to sway emotions and control passions is a powerful capability indeed. More that simply using intruige or carefully rehearesed acting to influence others, vampires with Presence literally project auras of power over dread.
The Presence Discipline is most common among vampires of the Brujah, Follower of Set, Toreador, and Ventrue clans. Brujah often use Presence to whp mobs into righteous anger, while Followers of Set influence their "customs" subtly. Toreador cultivate an air of artistic beauty, and Ventrue rely on their control of emotions to influence and rule their "subjects".
Unlike Dominate, which affects the rational mind directly, Presence affects emotions. Thus, t is a more subtle form of control. However, subjects of Presence are less predictable than Dominate victims. Also, whereas Dominate requires that the victim see the user's eyes, Presence usually requires only that the user's face be visible- some .PRESENCE powers do not even require that much exposure.
Retests with Presence use the Leadership Ability. Level 1
When you employ this power, everyone near you becomes intensely attracted to you. They will do nearly anything to be close to you, although their fascination is not so complete that they will endanger themselves. The effects last only as long as the subjects are in your presence, but the next time they see you, the feelings are likely to be reawakened.
By carefully using this power, you can have phenomenal powers of mass communication. Since Presence uses emotions to sway victims, it doesn't really matter what is said; but you can more easily convince people of a certain course of action or the nobility of a purpose by using this Discipline.
System: The player must roll Charisma + Acting (difficulty of 7). Those affected can us Willpower points to overcome the affect, but must continue spending Willpower every few minutes for as long as they remain in the same area as the character. However, a soon as a number of Willpower equivalent to the number of successes rolled is spent, the Awe is completely shaken off, and the subject can't be affected for the rest of the scene.
The number of successes rolled also determines how many people can be affected: 1 Success - one person
2 Successes - two people
3 Successes - six people
4 Successes - 20 people
5 Successes - everyone in the vampire's immediate vicinity (e.g. an entire auditorium of people)

Level 2
*Dread Gaze
By hissing, baring your fangs and allowing your vampiric features to rise to the fore, you can terrify mortals and even shake the resolve of other vampires. Though few would risk the wrath of an angry Cainite, your fearsome visage goes beyond that, driving supernatural terror into the hearts of your victims.
By making a Social Challenge against your foe, you strike terror into your victim. If you succeed, the subject flees your presence and tries to avoid you for the rest of the scene or hour. If cornered, the victim will still defend himself, but he will do his best to escape you. The subject defends himself normally, but he must risk an additional Trait if he wishes to attack or act against you, just as if he were wounded.
Using this Discipline actually requires you (in character) to hiss, bare your fangs and otherise make your vampiric countenance known, so it is a rather obvious breach of the Masquerade.

System: The player must roll Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty is the victim's Wits + 3). Any success indicates that the target is cowed, while three or more successes indicate that he runs away in fear. Moreover, each success reduces the number of dice the victim is allowed to roll the next turn by one.
This roll may be attempted only once per turn, though if performed in successive turns, the vampire may collect successes as an extended roll in order to completely subjugate the target. Eventually the target may lose so many dice that he will be unable to do anything but curl up on the ground and weep. Failure indicates that the attempt has faltered. All collected successes are lost, the victim may act normally again and the player must start over next turn. A botch indicates the victim is not at all impressed, and any use of Presence by the character will not be effective against him again this story.

Level 3
When you bring your charm to bear on an individual, you are almost hypnotically magnetic. Individuals affected by your Presence find your manner irresistible.
You must make a Social Challenge against a target to exercise Entrancement. If you succeed, the target is favorably disposed toward you, and she will not insult or attack you for the rest of the scene (or for an hour). Indeed, a formerly neutral subject wants to aid you and act as your friend; even a previously hostile target is rendered neutral. If you take a hostile action against a subject, of course, the Entrancement is broken immediately, and it may not be used against the subject again in the same scene.

Entrancement is used to convince another to serve you. The subject of Entrancement will be enchanted with you and desire to serve your needs. However, unlike a person Possessed with Dominate powers, the subject of Entrancement retains her freedom of action and creativity. This can be both good and bad.
The subject is certainly much more enjoyable to be around and tends to remind a vampire of the cruelty of control less often, but such a victim can be unpredictable in how she will attempt to please the Kindred. Because so much freedom of will is maintained, an Entranced person does not count as a new Retainer.
System: The player must roll Appearance + Empathy to Entrance a subject (difficulty of the target's Willpower). The number of successes determines how long the victim is Entranced. There is no way to extend a period of Entrancement; indeed, once the condition wears off, the victim is likely to think ill of the vampire.

Level 4
Extending your incredible manipulative powers, you can draw others to yours location. Your victim need not see you, or even be seen by you- as long as the subject is known to you, you can Summon him to your side. Once called, the subject tries to get to you by whatever means possible, completely unaware of the supernatural nature of the desire and avoiding situations that would prevent fulfilling the compulsion (like locked rooms and overprotective allies). The compulsion lasts until the victim manages to arrive and make his presence known to you.
To Summon someone, you must ask for Narrator's assistance. Inform the Narrator of the person that you wish to Summon, as well as your number of Social Traits and whether you are using the Leadership Ability. The Narrator then finds the subject, performing a Social Social Challenge in your stead and using the Leadership Ability for a retest if necessary. If the challenge succeeds, the subject comes to you as previously described. If the challenge fails, the subject manages to resist the Summons. In either case, you have no knowledge of the outcome, so there is no guarantee of success. Of course, if the subject does not appear, you can wait five minutes and then attempt to Summon the victim again.
You can only Summon someone that you know- at bare minimum, someone that you have had the chance to talk with for a fw minutes, or someone who has been a target of your Presence powers before. If another individual then uses Summon on your subject, the victim heads to the summoner of the most powerful generation; if multiple summoners are of the same generation, the victim goes to the first one to exert the power. Should two vampires of equal generation simultaneously Summon the same victim, then the Narrator should make a Social Challenge between the two, with the victim heading to the victor.
In the unusual case that Summons is used on a false identity (an identity created with Mask of a Thousand Faces, for instance), the Summon still brings the appropriate individual. If multiple individuals use the same false identity, then the first Summon calls whichever is nearest (generally, whichever the Narrator finds first), and any further Summons then call the same individual. Thus, if three Malkavians using Mask of a Thousand Faces all pretend to be the same imaginary person, a SUMMON of that person brings whichever of the Malkavians is nearest and then calls that Malkavian for any further Summon.

Level 5
The force of your personality make even the most stalwart tremble. When you exert your Majesty, heads bow, hearts break and spines quiver. None would dare to challenge you or risk your ire, for your ambiance is without peer.
By expending a Willpower Trait, you exert your Majesty for the duration of a scene or a full hour. You can represent this power's effect by holding your arms out from your sides, or with a special card or ribbon. As long as you have Majesty, nobody may insult you or attack you as long as they are within 10 feet of you ans are able to see you. A subject may attempt to break through your Majesty by making a Social Challenge against you, but must spend a Willpower Trait to make the attempt. Failure means that the subject cannot challenge your Majesty again in the same scene.
If you attack someone or undertake a hostile action while using your Majesty, the aura fades automatically and immediately as your onlookers are startled or outraged. You may still use your Social and Mental Disciplines as long as they do not inflict direct harm- you may still Entrance or Dominate a subject- but a deliberate attack disrupts your Majesty.
When attempting to penetrate Majesy, a Willpower Trait may be used for a retest. This is an exception to the normal rule that Willpower is used only to defend against Mental and Social Challenges.

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Disipline: Presence
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