Children of Caine

The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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 Disipline: Dominate

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*Command Exerting your will against a single individual, you can give a simple command and demand obedience. A single word, even one embedded in a sentence and stressed lightly, becomes an imperative command to your victim. You need only meet your victim’s gaze. AS long as your victim sees your eyes and hears your voice, your command carries the authority of your blood. The command must be simple and easily understood…"Sleep", "Scream", "Follow" and "Silence" are all acceptable examples. The command cannot be blatantly harmful or self-destructive.

Observance of the Spoken Word By intruding upon a subject's communication with the divine, a Cainite can impose a one word command which must be instantly obeyed. The command must be clear and unambiguous -- run, cough, fall, yawn, laugh, sneeze, burp, follow. If the command is at all confusing, the subject may be slow to respond, or clumsy in his performance. The command may be sown into a sentence and stressed like a prominent stitch, concealing the vampire's intent to the ignorant or the unwary.

*Mesmerism Like a hypnotist, you can impart commands to your subjects, even keying them on specific trigger events. If you can meet your subject’s gaze and speak aloud your commands, you can force the subject to obey your will. Unsuspecting victims can even be given commands that they must carry out. Only one such command may be implanted in a victim at a time.

Murmur of the False Will The Cainite can impose false thoughts and revelations upon another mind. The False Will requires intense concentration between vampire and victim, and orders or instructions must be precisely and clearly worded to be carried out. The imposed inspiration may be acted upon immediately, or worldly events may recall it later. Eye Contact is required while the command is imposed. The Cainite's command may be clear and unquestionable, such as "reteurn to the refectory" to "drop your sword." Control can also be protracted and much more subversive. Vampire and victim need to look into each other's souls no longer than it takes to make the initial suggestion. Commands issued cannot force the subject to harm herself or defy her innate Nature. Only one idea may be inspired in a subject at a time.

*Forgetful Mind Your considerable powers of mental manipulation allow you to exert your influence in the very memories of your victims. By meeting your target’s gaze, you can draw out answers to questions and even alter the subject’s memory. You can erase entire blocks of the victim’s past, or replace mental recollections with those of your own making.

*Conditioning The depths of your mental influence are frightful and pervasive. With time, you can strip away the defenses of the most determined mind, even removing your victims personality and free will. You must have unrestricted access to your subject for several nights. Should you manage to tear down the victims resistance, the victim’s will is shattered and their mind becomes completely bendable to your will.

*Possession No mortal mind can resist the power of your will. With but a touch, you can move your consciousness into a mortal body, taking complete control of the shell and suppressing the victim’s mind. For the duration of this possession, your own body lies comatose, while the mortal’s mind is unconscious and unaware of what transpires. During the coarse of Possession, you experience everything that happens to the mortal body as you guide its actions. Your Vampire form also suffers any damage sustained by the mortal body. If the mortal body dies before your consciousness can flee, you immediately collapse into torpor.

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Disipline: Dominate
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