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The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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 Disipline: Obtenebration

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*Shadow Play
You can exert a limited degree of control over existing shadows and darkness. At your mental command, darkness can be made to deepen or retreat, lengthen, move, flicker or undulate disturbingly. Though you can only affect a limited area of shadow, the stuff takes on a hellish quality and bends to your supernatural will.

*Shroud of Night
You can evoke a cloud of inky blackness, a blob that absorbs all light and distorts sound. Hovering preternaturally in the air, this globe feels like a heavy morass to all those engulfed within.

*Arms of The Abyss (also known as the Arms of Ahriman)
From the shadowy corners of a room or the blackness of night itself, you can summon forth tentacle limbs that flail about, ensnaring or attacking as you desire. These black shadow tentacles animate as you direct, even while you take other actions. You can pull many tentacles from a single source, or generate shades from several locations at once.

The tentacles can grab, whip, hold items and perform other tasks with precision. The tentacles take damage normally from attacks and they suffer from fire and sunlight just like a Vampire, though they are considered to have any Fortitude that you possess. You can add your Potence to the might of the tentacles as well, though not at the same time you are adding your Fortitude…One or the other. You may not combine the effects of Obtenebration with the powers of any other disciplines.

*Black Metamorphosis
Spewing forth your own stained inner spirit, you meld your corpselike body with the very stuff of tangible darkness. Your head and limbs seem to fade into shadow, while bands of blackness encircle your body and shadowy limbs sprout from your torso.

The vampire may create a circle of moving shadows. Within such a circle, all adversaries, and even all allies who don’t have Obtenebration, suffer a +3 difficulty to initiative rolls, and lose one die from all pools. With one success, this circle is ten feet in diameter. Each additional success adds five feet to the diameter.

*Tenebrous Form
At this level of skill, you no longer summon forth the darkness within yourself - you become it. Your form collapses into a shadowy outline, a pseudo-liquid humanoid shape of utter blackness. While in this form, you can slither about through tiny holes and cracks, and you may see through any normal darkness.

To evoke this discipline, you must first concentrate on this discipline for 5 Realtime minutes. While in Tenebrous Form, you cannot be harmed by physical attacks, although you still take damage from magic, fire and sunlight. You also cannot affect your surroundings physically, as you have no real solid substance. By enveloping a victim, though you can perform the same functions as the Shroud of Night discipline, causing disorientation, darkness and smothering. You are unaffected by gravity and you can slither along any surface or move like a blob of ambulatory liquid.

You can even use mental Disciplines while in this state though within the limitations of your form - you have no eyes and thus cannot use Dominate, but you could hide your shadowy form with Obfuscate. While in this shadowy form, fire and sunlight are still exceedingly painful to you. While in Tenebrous Form, your blood traits are the same sort of inky darkness, and thus, they are unaffected by the powers of blood-based Thaumaturgy disciplines.

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Disipline: Obtenebration
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