Children of Caine

The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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PostSubject: Ability List   Ability List Icon_minitimeThu Oct 02, 2008 2:17 pm

Though not listed ALL abilities can be bought up to 5 dots. As an ability is used you loose it until next 'cycle'

Academics- Retest for researching and basic school (k-12 knowledge)
1 able to read english
2 able to read latin
3 understand dewey decimal system
4 able to duplicate text
5 -

Acting- Retest for acting
Awarness- Test to notice magical happenings
1 somewhere in the city someone did something
2 somewhere in the neighborhood someone did something
3 somewhere on the block
4 someone in the room
Animal Ken- Animalism retest and retest for dealing with animals
Archery- Ability to use bow and arrow
Athletics- retest for certain physical feats
Black Hand Knowledge: special permission needed
Brawl- ability to hit, retest for hand to hand combat
Bureaucracy- able to cut through red tape
Commerce- able to sell buy and barter
Computer- able to use computer
Crafts- to make something
1 crudely done
2 average quality
3 good quality
4 advanced quality
5 master quality
Demolition-s blow stuff up, stop stuff from blowing up
Disguise- to make you not look like you
Dodge- to dodge an attack
Drive- *everyone can drive automatic but without drive ability it will be at a higher difficulty
1 stickshift
2 motorcycle
3 bus
4 freight
5 planes and helicopters
Empathy- retest for dementation
Enigmas- ability to solve puzzles
Etiquette- magic eraser of doom. to be able to take back something you said or did as if it never happened.
Expression- to be able to say what you need to say beautifully, intimidatingly...or however else you want it to be expressed
Finance- ability to handle money
Fire Dancing- retest for fire dance ritual
Firearms- crossbows and guns and the like
Flight- used only for winged creatures that CAN fly. i.e. gargoyles and creative tzims
Fortune-Telling- ability to make fortunes that are more accurate
History- general historical knowledge
Hunting- ability to find food
Intimidation- retest for social challenge and a few disciplines
Investigation- retest for aura perception and to if one is lying
Law- knowledge of local law
Leadership- retest for social challenge and a few disciplines
Linguistics- speak and write languages (these stack)
1 +1 language
2 +2 languages
3 +3 languages
4 +6 languages
5 +8 languages
Lore _____: for whatever lore you want
1 you have heard of it
2 you remember a fair bit on the subject
3 you know most there is to know on the subject
4 you are an expert on the subject
5 you are THE expert on the subject
Medicine- ability to give first aid
Melee- ability to use weapons
Occult- knowledge of magic
Panhandling- begging skill
Performance- kinda like acting but more specialized
Politics- blow one to find out a sabbat member's status and to know what you should do in different situations
Repair- able to fix stuff
Ride- horse riding
Rituals- priest and bishop ability
1- 3 rituals major
2- 6 rituals major and minor
3- 8 rituals major and minor
4- +10 rituals major and minor
5- +10 rituals major and minor and the ability to make new rituals
Science- knowledge of science
Scrounge- ability to find thing
Security- to enable or disable security systems physical and electronic
Streetwise- knowledge of gangs, territories, colors, way around town, retest to feed
Subterfuge- ability to lie
Survival- to take a hit retest, feeding retest
Torture- from basic torture to master torturer

Special Abilities
Flesh Craft: Vicissitude retest
Shadow Craft: Obtenebration retest
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Ability List
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