Children of Caine

The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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Abbot: (AB-et)- a Vampire or Ghoul who oversees a Sabbat communal haven.

Albigensian: (or Cathar)- A follower of the Path of Enlightenment known as the Path of Cathari.

Antitribu: (ant-ah-TRIB-oo)- "anti-tribe"; the word refers to all members of the Sabbat whose clan as a whole belongs to the Camarilla or is independent. It may also be applied to the Tzimisces and Lasombra who exist outside the Sabbat.

Archbishop: (ARCH-BISH-up)- A vampire who serves as leader of a Sabbat-held city.

Auctoritas Ritae: (OC-tory-tus ree-TAY)- The group of rituals practiced by all Sabbat.

Bishop: A vampire who serves an arch-bishop by overseeing the various Sabbat activities. Bishops also advise the archbishop.

Black Hand: The Black Hand is an elite order of vampires within the Sabbat that acts as a special militia. All its members are among the best warriors in the Sabbat.

Blood Feast: A victim or group of victims, tied and hung upside down. The hapless individual(s)is used as blood on tap, especially at parties.

Brave: A Sabbat vampire participating in a War Party.

Brothers and Sisters All Vampires.

Canonicus: (or Patriot)- A follower of the Path of Enlightenment known as the Path of Honorable Accord.

Cardinal: (KARD-in-ul)- A Sabbat leader who oversees a large territory. Each cardinal is served be a number of archbishops.

Chief: The leader of a War Party.

Code of Milan: (mil-LAHN)-A code of conduct developed to maintain order in the Sabbat.

Communal Haven: A single haven used by an entire Sabbat pack.

Consistory: The body of advisors to the Regent.

Convention of Thorns: The treaty which ended the original Anarch Revolt.

Corrupter: A follower of the Path of Enlightenment known as the Path of Evil Revelations.

Coven: A pack of Sabbat vampires that maintains a permanent home in a particular city.

Creation Rites: The special ceremony during which all Sabbat vampires are Embraced. The recruits are buried and forced to dig their way out if they wish to survive.

Daughters and Sons: (of Caine)- All Vampires.

Dementation: (dee-min-TAY-shun)- A vampiric Discipline possessed by many Sabbat Malkavians. It allows them to manipulate and induce madness.

Dog: Lupine.

Elysian Fields: (ill-ee-ZHUN)- Graveyards and other places of the dead.

Esbat: (es-BAHT)- The normal weekly meeting a pack holds. It usually features discussion of issues affecting the pack as well as rituals such as the Vaulderie.

Fire Dance: A ritual in which Sabbat vampires show their bravery by leaping through blazing pyres.

Founded Pack: Another name for a Coven.

The Great Jyhad: The war that ensued between the Camarilla and the Sabbat for more than 200 years after the end of the revolt that created the Sabbat.

Hand: The Black Hand

Harmonist: A follower of the Path of Enlightenment known as the Path of Harmony.

Headhunter: A Sabbat vampire who collects the skulls of vampires he has destroyed.

Hulul: The leader of the Assamite antitribu; ritually killed every 100 years.

Ignoblis Ritae: (egg-No-blis ree-TAY)- Rituals practiced by certain packs within the Sabbat, but not by all Sabbat members.

Infidel: (IN-fa-del)- Any Kindred outside the Sabbat.

Injun or Indian: A nomadic Sabbat vampire.

Inner Circle: The controlling body within the Sabbat. This group serves the Regent, but can overrule him/her. The inner Circle is composed of all the prisci and cardinals.

Juice: Blood.

Juice Bags: Mortals.

Jyhad: (J-hod)- The members of the Sabbat frequently use the term Jyhad to describe combat with other vampires. This is because almost all war is holy war to the Sabbat.

Kindred: Vampires outside the Sabbat. Used in a derogatory manner, since Sabbat vampires do not really consider Camarilla vampires to be their kin.

Loyalist: A Sabbat vampire who refuses to follow the commands of her leader out of loyalty to the goals of the sect. Loyalists believe that to be truely loyal to the Sect, they must have total freedom. Loyalists are not well liked by most Sabbat.

Monomacy: (mon-AH-mah-see)- A duel between Sabbat vampires conducted under formal rules. This is a traditional means of settling disputes.

Necronomist: A follower of the Path of Enlightenment known as the Path of Death and the Soul.

Noddist: A follower of the Path of Enlightenment known as the Path of Caine.
Nomadic Pack: A Sabbat pack that travels constantly and does not maintain any permanent haven.

Nomads or Nomadic Sabbat: Sabbat vampires who are members of nomadic packs.

Nosferatu Kingdom: The sewer system of a city, especially areas primarily used by the Nosferatu or Nosferatu antitribu.

Pack: A group of Sabbat Blood Bound to one another. A Sabbat vampire may only belong to one pack at a time, usually the pack that Embraced him/her, though this is not always the case.

Pale Rider: A nomadic Sabbat vampire. Often used to refer to a member of a Sabbat biker pack.

Paladin: (PAL-uh-dun)- A sabbat vampire who serves as a bodyguard and assassin for Sabbat leaders. Paladins are not allowed to be members of the Black Hand. Paladins are also called templars.

Path of Enlightenment: A belief system followed by a member of the Sabbat. There are seven widely practiced Paths: The Path of Caine, the Path of Cathari, the Path of Death and the Soul, the Path of Evil Revelations, the Path of Harmony, the Path of Honorable Accord, and the Path of Power and the Inner Voice.

Priest/Priestess: The leader of Sabbat rituals within Sabbat packs. The priest may or may not be the only leader within a pack.

Prior: Synonymous with abbot.

Priscus: (PRISS-cuss)- A Sabbat vampire who advises the Regent and the cardinals. The plural form is prisci.

Prize: The target of a Wild Hunt or War Party.

Recruit: An individual Embraced against her will by the Sabbat, usually to fight for the sect.

Regent: (REE-jhunt)- The top leader of the Sabbat. There is only one Regent at a time.

Rules of Monomacy: A set of rules which provides for orderly duels between Sabbat. The duel is sometimes called the Monomacy.

Sabbat: (SAH-baht, sah-BAHT, or SHA-baht)- The vampiric organization which opposes the rule of the Camarilla and the return of the Antediluvians. This word is used to refer to both the sect and sect members. Thus, a vampire in the Sabbat is sometimes referred to as a Sabbat.[Ed. note-The term Sabbat, when referring to the sect, is a singular noun; however, when specifically denoting more than one of the vampires therein, it is used as a plural.]

Scout: A Sabbat spy.

Seraph: (SAIR-uf)- One of the four top leaders of the Black Hand; collectively known as the Seraphim.

Siege: Conquering a Camarilla-held city.

Slave: A Camarilla anarch.

Sword of Caine: The Sabbat.

Templar: (TIM-plur)- Synonymous with paladin.

Tongue: Sabbat propaganda, especially used on the anarchs.

True Sabbat: A Sabbat vampire who has survived an attack against Sabbat enemies.

Unifier: A follower of the Path of Enlightenment known as the Path of Power and the Inner Voice.

Vaulderie: (VOLL-dur-ree)- The ritual used by the Sabbat in which all Sabbat present pour some of their own blood into a chalice and then drink from the mixture.

Vinculum: (VIN-que-lum)- The unusual Blood Bond created by the Vaulderie, in which each vampiric participant feels an increased loyalty to all those who participated in the ceremony.

Voivode: (V-O-vode)-The leader of the Tzimisce clan.

War Party: A game in which packs, as well as fearless individual vampires, compete against one another in a hunt for a specially chosen vampire target. The target is killed and its blood drained by the self-proclaimed victor(s).

Wild Hunt: This is much like a Blood Hunt, except the Sabbat makes no effort to hide from the eyes of man and the sect spares no expense in bringing down the traitor. Usually, nomadic packs are called to participate as well.

Vulgar Argot

The Sabbat is a violent, hostile, youthful sect, and the young ones' language reflects as much. Hereafter are some of the (more printable) terms Sabbat vampires casually drop. Many of the terms take their roots from modern slang, with added meaning to vampires, and some even transcend the boundaries of sect, and may be used anywhere.

Bat: An elder vampire of the Sabbat, who often has little in common with young members of the sect.

Bitch: A probationary pack member, or a Sabbat of lesser status than the speaker.

Chica: A female Sabbat vampire.

Costello: Dismissive term for the Camarilla. (This is suspected to have arisen after some mispronunciation of "Sabbat".

Counting Coup: Taking the head of a fallen foe as a trophy (see Headhunter). This practice is sometimes called scalping.

Crowley: A derogatory or dismissive term for followers of the Path of Evil Revelations, or vampires who make ostentatious shows of evil for their own sake. These individuals are also knows as Ozzys or Mansons by some packs.

Did: Killed. Usage: Yeah, we did the cop, but only after we caught him snooping around the bishop's haven.

Dog: A Lupine. In certain circles, dog also means an infectious carrier of blood-borne diseases (short for plague dog).

Go Down: A vampire who, usually out of habit, perversity or derangement, commits sexuals acts regardless of his or her own vampiric impotence. Also known by a host of other charming epithets including dick, handjob, hummer, etc,. usually custom-tailored to the specifics of the vampire in question's behavior.

Headache: Accidently killing while feeding. Useage:Danny gave that skinny girl a headache.

Injun or Indian: A member of a nomadic pack.

Juice Blood: Goes along with juicebag meaning mortal.

Keg: A "member" of a Blood Feast. In some packs, these individuals are referred to as pints or longnecks.

Pimp: A vampire charged with gathering vices for packmates. The pimp may procure drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, children or any other indulgence for fellow vampires (or mortals...).

Pipes: An exceptional failure, or an object of derision. Useage: That scouting run you guys did was the pipes.

Poet: A member of the goth subculture, especially one who "dresses like a vampire". Also known as Shelleys or Byrons.

Shovelhead: A Sabbat vampire created during a siege or other event that necessitated the "quick and dirty" mass embrace. Also known as a Thwack or a Clang (after the sound a shovel to the head makes, presumably) which is sometimes used a verb.

Tongue: Sabbat propraganda, or a Sabbat proselytizer, often spread among the anarchs of Camarilla cities.

V: A vampire.

Vato: A male Sabbat vampire.

Witch: Irreverent term for a pack priest, best used out of earshot of the individual in question.
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