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The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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Isamary White

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PostSubject: Derangements   Derangements Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2008 8:04 pm

This is a short list of derangements. Any of these used correctly and with my approval of the backstory detailing the specifics including your derangement is good. For multiple personality disorder and fugue an extensive conversation must be held with the HST along with a background. Anyone can have a disorder, if Malkavian you MUST have a derangement. If found not playing your derangement in staff's opinion you will be forced to buy it off your sheet, and if Malkavian made to correct your ways or shelf your character or heed the wrath of The Network.

Angelism/Devilism: You are a God, an Angel or a Devil depending on your views. Characters with this Derangement have an overwhelming purpose that needs accomplishing, whether it is long term, never ending, or minor tasks. Vampires with this Derangement often take their immorality and their long life span to be a gift from God (or Satan) and see themselves as Angels (or Devils). They are easily disturbed by things that go against their personal edicts and strive for order (or disorder), and even go to extremes to "smite" the wrong (good) in the name of justice (anarchy). Because of their long life spans as kindred and their ruggedness due to their undead condition, many with this Derangement believe that God (Satan) will save them from harm, and that they can do no wrong (good).

Amnesia: This is a common Derangement for many people to choose and is an excellent starting Derangement for those players that are new to the game. Very similar to the Flaw, Amnesia Derangement works along the same lines. The Character does not know who he or she is and does not remember his or her past. The Vampire may not remember much of anything — including names, faces, or even a situation that happened just a few minutes ago. Whenever a Character with this Derangement is put in a situation where they must try to remember something important, they must win a static Mental challenge versus 10 traits to remember exactly what happened or the Derangement becomes activated (making them forget who they are, where they are from and what they were supposed to be doing at that time). Failure to win the test will also earn a Forgetful negative trait for the rest of the evening that may accumulate up to three.

Anorexia: Mortals with this Derangement are obsessed with their body type and remaining slim. It can be a terribly debilitating for humans, and even more deadly for Kindred. A Vampire with this Derangement is also obsessed with their body type and believes that they can gain weight by drinking too much blood. They will attempt to be very picky when feeding, choosing to feed from slim people instead of those that are overweight. The Vampire will also attempt to feed less often, bringing themselves to the edge of starvation and to the verge of Hunger Frenzy. Characters with this Derangement come in with three less blood in his or her blood pool at the beginning of the game.

Antisocial Personality Disorder: You disregard social norms, use any means necessary to get your way, lack planning, and are remorseless. The best way to remember this is that you are always CORRUPT: Cannot follow the laws, Obligations are ignored, Remorseless, Reckless, Underhanded, Planning ahead is not done, Temper. (formerly known as Sociopathy)

Battered Person Syndrome: The term ’battered person’ is used in relation spouses who are subjected to prolonged abuse by their partner. In Vampiric society, Battered Person Syndrome is a Derangement that afflicts Kindred over long-term abuse from another Kindred, or may stem from their mortal days. Either way, this Derangement manifests in different ways when activated. The Character in question becomes severely depressed and will often cry and try to latch onto the first 'heroic' male (or female depending upon the personal history of the Character) vampire they can find to protect them from the feeling of desperation that has grown inside them. Once activated, the Character gains the negative traits of Shy x 1 and Submissive x 1, and has an overwhelming need to be nurtured.

Bipolar Personality Disorder: You switch between states of Mania and Depression. These switches in real life happen only once or twice a year. In WOD, however, make a test with a ST at the beginning of the night to see if you are up (win), down (lose) or unaffected (tie).

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: This Derangement is similar to what mortals have, and often results in the desire to drastically to change one’s appearance. Many who possess this Derangement also have Bulimia and/or Anorexia. This disorder is characterized by the overwhelming belief that that there is something physically wrong with themselves, whether is be they are too fat, too thin, their nose is too pointy, their lips too big or many other combinations. A Character with this Derangement will often take extreme measures to correct the perceived wrongs in their physical form. When this Derangement is active, the Character will take measures such as cutting off their nose, removing an eye, shaving their head, bleaching their skin or even disguising themselves in order to ensure their appearance change. When this Derangement is activated, the Character must make a static Mental challenge or begin taking extreme measures to change his or her appearance (with the added help of the Storyteller).

Compulsion: You have a passion for something. You desire to do one thing more than any other. If given the choice, you would not stop doing your favorite thing.

Compulsive Lying: The Character has an overwhelming compulsion to lie for the thrill of it. The lies that the Character spouts can be as subtle or as outrageous as they wish, but it is the thrill of the lie that they are caught up in and compulsive need to obscure the truth. A Kindred with this affliction take pleasure from lying to others and getting away with it, and often sharpens their memory skills, Subterfuge ability, and Empathy ability in order to keep the lies completely hidden and well tracked. This Derangement is always active, and willpower must be spent in order to tell the truth. All Kindred with this Derangement have at least one Untrustworthy Negative Trait. (originally from Liber des Goules)

Clan Confusion: A Character with this Derangement does not differentiate from one thing and another, and often are incapable of telling the difference between black and white. The Character is incapable of distinguishing between Toreador and Tremere or any other clans. This confusion often extends to species (such as Garou, Vampires, Mortals, Fae, Etc..). This Derangement is always active and requires mental challenge verses 10 traits is needed for the Character to make comparisons.

Delusional Identity: When things get particularly hard to deal with, the Character often reverts to someone you can trust to do a better job than the Character can do. This new persona is often someone you can trust and is efficient, stalwart, and historical (for example: General Patton, Florence Nightingale, or Bruce Lee). No one believes the Character when they reintroduce themselves as the new persona as it is often too grand and historic a personality. This Derangement stems from the feeling of complete hopelessness and despair and can reflect a Kindred's deepest fears, and should not be confused with Multiple Personality Disorder. The identities the Character takes on are often so grand that the Kindred that has this disorder is quite aware of them, although has no control over them. The Character will secretly attempt to sharpen the skills of his Identities to make them as complete as necessary in his or her eyes. (originally from Liber des Goules)

Delusions of Inferiority: In this case, the Character believes he or she is something less than what they are, often to the point of utter self-deprecation. They are so fixated on this belief (most often times secretly) that nothing can change their minds from that which they think they are.

Dipsomania: This Derangement (also known as Impulsive Intoxication) often stems from a Kindred's mortal days and is very consuming when activated. The Character, when under stress, has an overwhelming need to drink his troubles away with alcohol. As Kindred are not apt to drinking anything other than blood, they often vomit up the alcohol unless they have the Eat Food Merit. When under stress, a simple test with the Storyteller is made to see if the overwhelming need is activated. If activated, the Character must seek refuge in order to drink his or her troubles away. Depending on the mood of the Character of the time, one of two things may be the end result of the intoxication. If the Character is a "Happy Drunk", the Kindred gains the Negative Traits of Witless x 1 and Lethargic x 2. If the Character is a "Angry Drunk", the Kindred gains the Negative Traits Shortsighted x 2 and Obnoxious x 1. (originally from Liber des Goules)

Fantasy World/Reality Filter: The Character lives in the world that he or she has made up. Everyone she knows are characters in her head in a long running script that is their life, whether it is the story of King Arthur and Camelot, Star Trek, or even a 'made up' story that is constantly running through their head. A Character with this disorder cannot differentiate reality from fantasy, and will often
make up excuses of the horror that happens around them to make sense of the world that they cannot abided by. This Derangement is nearly always active, and a Character must make a mental challenge verse 10 traits to even differentiate the difference between his or her world, and the actual world around them.

Flashbacks: You remember your creation or initiation. These painful memories come back and haunt you much like nightmares.

Gender Identity Disorder: A Vampire with this disorder has a strong and persistent cross-gender identification (not merely a desire for any perceived cultural advantage of being the other sex). This manifests via several symptoms: a) a stated desire to be the other sex, b) a frequent need to pass his or herself off as the opposite sex, c) a desire to live or be treated as the opposite sex, d) a persistent discomfort with his or her sex or sense of inappropriateness in the gender role of their sex. In mortals, this Derangement often leads to hormone injections, cross-gender dressing, surgery and other procedures to physically alter sexual characteristics. In Vampires that believe they were born (or embraced) as the wrong sex, this Derangement can often lead to drastic, self induced surgery, cross-gender dressing, the stealing of sexual organs, and much worse as the Vampiric psyche cannot handle the continual confrontation with themselves that they are the wrong gender. This is often seen in Tzimisce, who have the inherent ability to change their appearance.

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Isamary White
Isamary White

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PostSubject: Re: Derangements   Derangements Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2008 8:05 pm

Habromania: There is humor in everything, especially in the morbid happenings of the world. Although Kindred with this Derangement do not always laugh or make jokes about someone's death, they do usually giggle at the most inappropriate and perverse times. In a sense, Immortality has given them a morbid, skewed and blackly humorous view of the world. This Derangement is always active, and a Character must make a static challenge to NOT laugh at an inappropriate time.

Handler: Guns are for mortals, but strength, speed and disciplines are for Kindred and are a true measure of a Vampire's ability. Hands should always be the weapons of choice for a Character with this Derangement as it is the test of true skill and power. A Vampire with this Derangement will only use weapons in extreme cases (i.e.: staking), as he or she prefers to use their bare hands and strength and skill to test themselves in combat. If a task cannot be done using strength and shadows, the Vampire will often not bother trying, as there is no sport in it.

Hebephrenia: Also known as “Disorganized Schizophrenia.” The horror of the world has shattered your perceptions of everything that you once held as logical and real. The crisis of being what you are (Kindred) and the horrors you face (or have once faced) have plunged the Character into a state of mind in which you maintain your sanity by clinging to the idea that everything that is happening around you is "old hat," forcing a very flat or inappropriate response to a situation. For instance, seeing a baby thrown into traffic would cause a hebephreniac to laugh or even feel nothing. This Derangement is activated by high stress situations, and once activated, the Character gains the Negative Traits of Obnoxious x 1 and Condescending x 1, as you quickly believe even your best friends is nothing more than a figment of your imagination.

Hysterical Illness: This Derangement is very similar to Hypochondria in that it creates realistic symptoms of illness for the character that seem real to them. It deviates from that diagnosis as it creates significant clinical disorders such as the paralysis of a limb, difficulty swallowing, hallucinations, loss of touch, double vision, blindness, deafness, seizures, loss of balance or even lose of speech. These symptoms are completely real to the Vampire in question. The Storyteller should work carefully with the player whose character has this to make up situations and illnesses for role-play.

Hive Mind: The Vampire no longer thinks as his or herself as "I". Something must have happened to the individual during the embrace or creation period, as the Character with this Derangement often refers to his or herself as "WE". This Derangement is always active, as the voices in your head (some times numbering in the hundreds) speak to you in unison. When full active, the Character is 2 traits down on all Perception related challenges due to the continuing rambling in his head, but is also 1 trait up on all Telepathy related challenges for the exact same reason.

Hyperactivity: A Character inflicted with this Derangement is easily distracted and has trouble concentrating. They will often interrupt others, or answer questions before the questioner has even finished. They have a difficulty following through on instructions and even the simplest of tasks. They talk excessively and loudly, often interrupting large groups of people or matters at hand because they are not paying attention to what is being said. When this Derangement is active, the Character becomes Impatient x 2 and Tactless x 2, and must make a Self Control test or become distracted and stop paying attention to the words being said to them, or the task at hand.

Hypnopompic Hallucinations: Also known as “Waking Dreams.” During times of great stress, the Character must make a static Mental challenge verses 9 traits. If the he or she fails, they experience a waking dream, causing hallucinations of startling and surreal imagery. Exactly what the Vampire sees and how long the hallucinations last are entirely up to the Storyteller, but it will usually be related to the cause of the stress. These waking dreams are completely real to the Vampire's psyche to the point where they cannot differentiate between friend and foe. The realism is so strong that it may require Courage checks for things like illusionary fires, sunlight, or werewolves.

Hypochondria: Since the Embrace, characters with this Derangement get sick every time they are confronted with a stressful situation. The symptoms often manifest as an upset stomach or headache, but can also be much worse. The symptoms, although consuming and real to the Character, are still phantom illnesses, and are psychologically manifestations of the character’s overwhelming need to try and gain sympathy from those around them. Once activated, the Kindred gains the Negative Trait of Sickly and is effectively down one Physical Trait on any Physical challenges due to lack of concentration over the imaginary illness that has spontaneously come over them.

Ideology Fanaticism: The Character is overwhelmed by a specific ideology. Normally this ideology is easily suppressed and the Character is able to go about his or her nightly vampiric duties, but the subconscious mind never lets them go of what they "truly" believe is right and wrong. Whether is be religious, cultural, political or other, the ideology of a Vampire is very strong. The Derangement is always subconsciously active at all times, but boils to the surface when the Character is under stress or if confronted with negative versions of their ideology. Further provocation can lead to Frenzy.

Intellectualization: Everything is extremely logical to the Character. A Kindred with this Derangement refuses to show emotion and will relate everything in a logical, data-driven fashion (think of Spock from Star Trek), and intellectual vigor. The Character protects him/herself from the outside world by feeling nothing. Emotions have no place in this Character's world, but so much bottled up emotion will eventually make the Character burst. Whenever the Character is confronted with strong emotions (up to the Storyteller's discretion), the Character must make a Self Control check. If the Character wins, he or she becomes Oblivious x1. If the Character fails, he or she becomes Callous x 1. This can continue through out the evening until they reach maximum negative traits. Characters with this Derangement keep their emotions bottled up and must find a way to vent off their emotions before they boil. If not allowed to vent in private, they may have to make a Frenzy check.

Kleptomania: Mortals with this Derangement have a driving impulse to steal objects – usually unnecessary ones – for personal use or for monetary value. A Kindred with this Derangement often takes it one step further. A Vampire might still want to steal things that he or she does not need for the pleasure of stealing them, however they will often set their sights slightly higher (i.e.: Influence, cars, money, other Kindred, ghouls, etc.). A Self Control check is needed every time the Character is confronted with something that he or she can possibly steal and get away with. Failure means that Character must take action to steal the object of their desire (although not immediately). Winning the test means the Character does not have to steal the desired object or objects, but does cause stress and tension as the Character must cope with the fact that he or she cannot have what they want.

Lycanthropy: The Character has a certain idealism that makes them believe they are a werewolf. This Derangement is rare among the mortal kind, and even rarer among Kindred. Activation of the Derangement is usually sensory: The smell of meat, the talking of the subjects of werewolves, the sound of dogs barking, the touch of a fur coat, or even the taste of fresh meat or blood can activate this Derangement. Once activated, the Kindred automatically believes he or she to be a Lycanthrope, becoming Feral x 2 and Violent x1. This can be extra difficult, as werewolves are the natural enemy of Vampires. The Character suddenly becomes a predator of Kindred and should be role-played appropriately. Characters with this Derangement also have a compulsion to parklands, full moons, and the study of Lupine Lore as well as Disguise that make them look more like a werewolf.

Melancholia: This Derangement is very similar to depression except the Vampire in question encounters periods of time where they simply do not want to deal with the here and now. They will often seek out others to do their work for them so they can daydream and spend their time on other matters that fascinate them alone. Characters with this Derangement aren’t actually depressed, they just do not with to deal with certain subjects for they believe they are beneath them. Characters with Melancholia are often daydreamers and act as though they are sad, unresponsive, pensive, glum or down hearted. They have feelings of loss and remorse, often for no apparent reason. During bouts of melancholy, the Character gains the negative trait of Submissive x 1 and Dull x 1.

Narcissistic Personality: Erratic, dramatic and emotional displays that bring you to the center of attention, because everyone should look at you.

Narcolepsy: This infliction is categorized by uncontrollable attacks of self-induced sleep and sleepiness. Vampires normally sleep during the day and have very little or no dreaming problems. This Derangement is most often carried over from the time the vampire was mortal, and now inflicts bouts of sleep during the evening when the Vampire is most active. The Character is listless and sleepy all the time (often with 1 or more Lethargic Negative Traits), but when the Derangement is activated, the Character must make a Static Mental Challenge against 9 Traits to remain awake. Failure results in instant state of Torpor that lasts until the Character is awakened (usually through simple means, such as a nudge) or the end of the scene.

No Inner Voice: Vampires with this Derangement do not have an inner voice to let them think privately. Characters are apt to speak their thoughts out loud, even thoughts that they would prefer to keep private. People around the Character can hear what they saying (this includes first impressions of people, your thoughts on the Prince's edicts, or even what you think of your own Clan). The Character must make a mental challenge verse 10 traits to keep from vocalizing his/her thoughts on matters.

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PostSubject: Re: Derangements   Derangements Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2008 8:05 pm

Nymphomania/Satyriasis: Although Vampires have no sexual organs that work anymore (or at least they do not work the way they used to), Characters afflicted with this Derangement still tend to prowl for sexual stimulation. Although Vampires cannot be satisfied sexually, Nymph/Satyrs tend to keep trying or looking for sex in the most unusual places due to their ferocious sexual appetite. Many Kindred that are afflicted with this Derangement have a type of paraphilia as their niche or obsession.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder: A Vampire inflicted with this Derangement is ALWAYS right, and other people are ALWAYS wrong. Character with Oppositional Defiance (or ODD) are argumentative and often lose their temper when opposed – especially by perceived authority figures. They project the blame that would normally fall upon them towards others, and are often spiteful and vindictive. Other people who argue with the Character are lesser beings, and are often subject to the Character’s wrath or ridicule. When this Derangement is active, the Character gains the negative traits of Untrustworthy x 2 and Condescending x 2. If discussions get too heated, the Character must make a Frenzy check.

Panzaism: Panzaism is a psychiatric disorder that involves seeing the most extraordinary things as ordinary and rational. It is generally considered the opposite of Quixoticism. Nothing surprises you. Indeed, situations that might normally induce strong emotions are shrugged off as typical, unimportant occurrences. Once activated the Kindred gains the Negative Traits Docile x 1 and Oblivious x 2 until the wave of realization pass. (originally from Liber des Goules)

Perfectionism: When chaos reins supreme, a Kindred with this Derangement strives to maintain an aura of perfection around them. Characters afflicted with this disorder have a difficult time tolerating “childish behavior” and will do anything to resolve perceived disarray. Normally this Derangement manifests in mundane ways: meticulously cleaning house, speaking with perfect diction, or making sure objects or people are in their proper places. In Vampiric society, where chaos reins supreme, a Character inflicted with this Derangement often comes to odds with those who will strive to continue to chaos. When not allowed to properly maintain order, the Character must make a static Mental challenge verse 9 traits or become Violent x 1 and Tactless x 1. These negative traits can accumulate up to x 3, at which point a Frenzy check is needed.

Paraphilias: A Character with this Derangement is prone to sexual deviations or perversions that might include fantasies, behavior, or sexual urges that may be focused on unusual objects, activities, or situations. Vampires normally cannot have sex, but something from their old days as a mortal still drives them on. Sometimes this manifests during their feeding as that is the nearest erotic thing they can experience. There is a list of some of the most common paraphilias at the end of this compendium.

Pica: In mortals this mental disorder is characterized by the persistent eating of non-nutritional substances for a period of at least a month. Vampires with this Derangement (which is usually a carry-over from their mortal days) tend to ingest substance that are much more toxic or substantial than just "food" and blood. For example, a Kindred with this Derangement may go on a spree of eating such things as tin cans, trash, toes, shoelaces, insects, or even bleach. This Derangement is not to be confused with the Conspicuous Consumption Flaw, as the Character in question does not have to ingest these things to stay alive and are not technically part of his or her dietary requirement. A Kindred with Pica very much knows that tin cans and shoelaces are not part of their diet, but cannot help themselves because to them, they are so damned tasty. Characters with Pica should take the Eat Food Merit.

Progenitor Syndrome: Mortals have sexual organs that allow them to create children. Once a mortal is embraced and becomes a Vampire, this need to procreate and create offspring is severely damaged and suppressed as the undead are incapable of creating natural children. Kindred however can create childer through the Embrace, and those Vampires that are inflicted with this Derangement strive to try to create childer over and over again in secrecy. Although this Derangement is very subtle and can be seen as a breach of Tradition, Camarilla Kindred tend to kill their newly made neonate children soon after creating them. This is a harmful and unwholesome process. If a Vampire possessing this Derangement is allowed to create childer by his or her Prince, they will allow them to live for a period of time (determined by the Storyteller and the player) before killing them and any childer they may have made in the passage of time. This Derangement can often deviate from the Character's own lineage and they may become obsessed with the destruction of another's Kindred's lineage.

Pyromania: Although not usually adherent to Kindred, this Derangement is believed to pass on the Character from his or her mortal days. Whenever the Character sees fire, smells smoke, hears the crackling of fire, or feels the warmth of fire, he or she must make a Self Control test against 4 Traits or be compelled to seek the fire out. In addition, the Character has the "spark" on their mind all the time. During stressful situations, or though dull periods of boredom, the Character must make a Conscience/Conviction test against 4 Traits to stop himself from starting a fire of his own.

Quixotism: This Derangement is the opposite of Panzaism. The Character believes that everything they see and hear (yes there are fairies, and that guy over there with all that hair on his chin is indeed a werewolf because someone told you) is extraordinary – even the most mundane activities. Most Kindred with this Derangement come from a very normal background, but the introduction in to being a Vampire shattered your reality to the point where paranoia has been taken to a new level. Everything is significant, even the stuff in your head. You make up excuses for stressful situations saying that Pixies are behind the disappearance of the Prince's sword, or that The Windmills are indeed Giants who must be conquered. Kindred with this Derangement will try to convince others that what they see is the truth. Once activated the Character gains the Negative Traits Gullible x 2 and is effectively down 2 Mental Traits on any Perception related challenge. (originally from Liber des Goules)

Sadism: You resort to cruelty when under pressure. Physical pain is the quickest relief, but a Sadist will often plot in advance in order to take pleasure from other's people's sorrow. Once activated the Character gains the Negative Traits Violent x1 and Callous x 2 until his or her frustrations are relieved. Sadists often evolve in their pleasurable releases, beginning with physical pain until the stimuli no longer appeals to them. This Derangement is very dark and should be roleplayed judiciously. Note: At no point should you actually ATTEMPT to do the things your character should do. (originally from Liber des Goules)

Strangler: A Vampire afflicted with this Derangement cannot stand the sight of blood, so much so that they must shut their eyes during feeding or be revolted by the scene. The Character loves the taste of blood, however, and will go out of his way to find unique ways of feeding and killing without bloodshed. Stranglers often act like they have a high Humanity rating for this purpose and will go out of their way to avoid a conflict where bloodshed may be the end result. Once fully activated, the Character becomes Cowardly x 2 and must make Courage checks versus 5 traits at the sight of blood or flee the scene.

Survival Instinct: This is the ages-old Fight or Flight response that all animals have. Kindred, because they are so close to the Beast, try
desperately to keep their animalistic instincts at bay, but once this Derangement becomes activated, the vampire becomes a primeval creature bent on fighting its way out of a situation (or running away from it at all costs). Once activated, the Character in question gains the Negative traits Feral x 1 and Callous x 1 until the situation they have been forced into has resolved itself. They will do anything to free themselves from the situation that has activated their Derangement, including throwing their friends at foes that are attacking them, using disciplines to escape or attack, or even breaching the masquerade to create a diversion.

Temporal Dysphoria: This Derangement causes Kindred to be confused about the order of events. Things that are planned for tomorrow may be thought of as things that have already happened. Needless to say, this Derangement makes it very difficult to schedule and even be present at events. It also manifests itself as a permanent state of déjà vu, where events that are occurring in the present often register as memories, and can be very confusing to those that are around the Character. Game mechanics really do not apply for this Derangement, but a high degree of role-playing and an excellent memory is needed by the player.

Tourettes Disorder: A Character inflicted with this mental disorder will experiences "tics" both physical (sudden, rapid, non rhythmic, stereotyped movements) and vocal (sudden, rapid, stereotypical vocalizations). These "tics" often happen through out the evening at random and at the most inconvenient times and can be quiet impairing to a Kindred's social life, and last for an hour or a scene. Once this Derangement is active (usually due to stress of physical endangerment) the Character in question becomes Obnoxious x 1 and Clumsy x 2 for the duration of the scene or hour.

Trichotillomania: The pulling of one's hair out by one's hands due to extreme angst. Throughout the evening (particularly when no one is looking) the Character will begin removing his or her hair by hand. If allowed to continue without restraint of any means, the Character will begin removing additional body parts to feel relief (i.e. fingers nails, toe nails, eye-lashes, nose hairs, or ear lobs). Removing such body parts cause the Character lethal damage and requires a Self Control Check to stop or even slow down the process. Restraining a Trichotillomaniac against her will is a Frenzy Check.

Undying Remorse: A Vampire with this Derangement has done something so terrible or so destructive that his or her past still haunts them. When ever reminded of this great evil or vile deed, the Character must make a Self Control check or enter into a state of such complete remorse and self-pity that they are incapable of taking any action (offensively for the scene or an hour) save defending themselves. If the pain from the memory becomes too great or they are constantly reminded more than 3 times during an evening, a Frenzy check is needed.

Unending Vengeance: Very similar to the Flaw, a Character with this Derangement will always find a way to avenge any slight against him or her. The manner in which the Character takes out their vengeance is up to the player and for the majority the Derangement is very much like the Flaw, except it goes one step farther. Kindred with this Derangement often go far and out of their way to make their vengeance known to the world. The Kindred will often not kill the offender for their actions or words, but will destroy everything the offender holds dear to them. Plotting can take months, years, or even millennia and will typically never end until the offender is publicly and privately destroyed.

Wrist Slitter's Hunger: The Character loves to bleed. Very similar to Masochism, pain is a good thing, and a Vampire inflicted with this Derangement is willing to slit their wrists for anyone wanting to drink or watch. Even when not hungry, the Character will open a wound and feed from his or herself or will search out another vampire (or mortals) to feed from instead, because the Character believes that blood is the true immortality and full of truth. To be denied such pleasures and release is the worst punishment the Kindred with this Derangement can face.

Visions: Random hallucinations that are like your own personal movies that no one else can see. This could accompany Oracular ability, or they could just mess with what you think is real.
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