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The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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 Fragments of the Book of Nod

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PostSubject: Fragments of the Book of Nod   Fragments of the Book of Nod Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2008 9:10 pm

This book is a book you can actually buy or find online. In the game world: the World of Darkness, as most call it there is no physical complete copy of this book. I will put fragments here to help show the great story that made up this game. If you would like to get the full story this is the Book of Nod. If you do acquire Nod lore of any level we can discuss what you do know. Giving that this is a sabbat game everyone could choose if they wish to understand (there are those who may wish to play completely new to the vampire world and learn of this knowledge in game) that Caine was the first vampire and understand that no one knows if he is alive or dead or sleeping but it is generally agreed that he will at some point come once more, know what he'll do when he sees what his children have done is up for debate. Please if you enjoy a great read and wish to understand the game more read the book or atleast the parts I'll post here. The stories i'm sharing here are explaining the universal curses of vampires and their source, fire, sunlight, drinking blood, and immortality, also i'm sharing that the Mother of Darkness is Lilith, who is suppose to be the Mother of Kindred and Garou. Also I share the story of the Crone is is theorized to be Lilith herself, this is the story of blood bonds and also the discovering of a stake to the heart. If anything these are my favorite stories and just felt like sharing them

The Chronicle of Caine
Quote :
I dream of the first times
the longest memory
I speak of the first times
the oldest Father
I sing of the first times
and the dawn of Darkness
In Nod, where the light of Paradise
lit up the night sky
and the tears of our parents wet the ground
Each of us, in out way,
set about to live
and take our sustenance from the land.
And I first-born Caine, I,
with sharp things,
planted the dark seeds
wet them in earth
tended them, watched them grow
And Abel second-born Abel
tended the animals
aided their bloody
fed them, watched
them grow
I loved him, my
He was the brighest
The sweetest.
The strongest.
He was the first part
of all my joy.
Then one day
our Father said to us.
Caine, Abel
to Him Above you must make a sacrifice -
a gift of the first part
of all that you have
And I, first-born Caine, I
gathered the tender shoots
the brightest fruits
the sweetest grass
And Abel, second-born, Abel
slaughtered the youngest,
the strongest,
the sweetest of his animals
On the altar of our Father
we laid our sacrifices
and lit fire under them
and watched the smoke carry them
up to the One Above
The sacrifice of Abel, second-born,
smelled sweet to the One Above
and Abel was blessed.
And, I, first-born Caine, I
was struck from beyond by
a harsh word and a curse,
for my sacrifice was unworthy.
I looked at Abel’s sacrifice,
still smoking the flesh, the
I cried, I held my eyes
I prayed in night and day
And when
Father said
the time for
has come again
And Abel
led his youngest,
his sweetest,
his most beloved
to the sacrificial fire
I did not bring my
my sweetest,
for I knew the
One Above
would not
want them.
And my brother,
beloved Abel
said to me
„Caine, you did not bring
a sacrifice,
a gift of the first
part of you joy,
to burn on the altar
of the One Above.’’
I cried tears of love as I,
with sharp things,
sacrificed that
which was the
first part of
my joy,
my brother.
And the Blood of Abel
covered the altar
and smelled sweet
as it burned
But my Father said
„Cursed are you, Caine,
who killed your brother.
As I was cast out
so shall you be.’’
And He exiled me to wander in Darkness,
the land of Nod
I flew into the Darkness
I saw no source of light
and I was afraid.
And alone.

The Coming of Lilith
Quote :

I was alone in the Darkness
And I grew hungry.
I was alone in the Darkness
And I grew cold.
I was alone in the Darkness
And I cried.
Then there came to me
a sweet voice,
a honey voice
Words of succor.
Words of surcease.
A woman, dark and
with eyes that
pierced the
came to
I know your story. Caine of Nod."
She said, smiling.
"You are hungry. Come! I have food.
You are cold. Come! I have clothes.
You are sad. Come! I have comfort."
"Who would comfort one so Cursed as I?
Who would clothe me?
Who would feed me?"
"I am your Father's first wife,
who disagreed with the One Above
and gained Freedom in the Darkness.
I am Lilith.
Once, I was cold, and there was no warmth
for me.
Once. I was hungry and there was no food
for me.
Once, I was sad, and there was no comfort
for me."
She took me in, she fed me.
She clothed me.
In her arms. I found comfort.
I cried until blood
trickled from my eyes
and she kissed them away.

Lillith's magick
Quote :
And I dwelt for a time
in the House of Lilith
and asked her
"Out of Darkness,
how did you build this place?
How did you make clothes?
How did you grow food?"
And Lilith smiled and said.
"Unlike you, I am Awake.
I see the Threads that spin
all around you, I make that
which I need out of Power."
„Awaken me, then, Lilith." I said.
"I have need for this Power.
Then, I can make my own
make my own food,
make my own House."
Worry creased Lilith's brow.
"I do not know what the
Awakening will do for you,
for you are truly Cursed by
your Father.
You could die.
You could be forever changed."
Caine said, "Even so, a life without
Power will not be worth living.
I would die without your gifts.
I will not live as your Thrall."
Lillth loved me, and I knew this.
Lilith would do what I asked,
though she did not wish it.
And so, Lilith, bright-eyed Lilith.
Awakened me.
She cut herself with a knife
bled for me into a bowl.
I drank deep. It was sweet.
And then I fell into the Abyss.
I fell forever, falling
into the deepest darkness.

The Temptation of Caine
Quote :

And from the Darkness
came a bright shining light -
fire in the night.
And the archangel Michael revealed himself
to me.
I was unafraid. I asked his business.
Michael, General of Heaven,
wielder of the holy Flame,
said unto me,
"Son of Adam, Son of Eve, thy crime is great,
and yet the mercy of my Father is
also great.
Will you not repent the evil that you
have done, and let his mercy wash you clean?"
And I said to Michael,
"Not by [the One Above]'s grace, but mine own
will I live, in pride."
Michael cursed me, saying
"Then, for as long as you walk this
earth, you and your children will
fear my living flame, and it will
bite deep and savor your flesh."
And on the morning, Raphael came
on lambent wings,
light over the horizon
the driver of the Sun,
ward of the East.
Raphael spoke, saying
Caine, son of Adam,
son of Eve,
your brother Abel
forgives you your sin
will you not repent, and accept the
mercy of the Almighty?"
And I said to
"Not by Abel`s forgiveness,
but mine own,
will be forgiven."
Raphael cursed
me, saying
"Then, for as long
as you walk this earth,
you and your children
will fear the dawn,
and the sun's rays will seek
to burn you like fire
where ever you hide always.
Hide now for the Sun rises to take
its wrath on you."
But I found a secret place in the earth
and hid from the burning light of the
Deep in the earth, I slept until the
Light of the World was hidden behind the
mountain of Night.
When I awoke from my day of sleep,
I heard the sound of gentle rushing
and I saw the black wings of Uriel
draped around me -
Uriel, reaper, angel of Death,
dark Uriel who dwells in darkness.
Uriel spoke to me quietly, saying
"Son of Adam. Son of Eve. God
has forgiven you your sin.
Will you accept his mercy and let me
take you to your reward, no longer
And I said to dark-winged Uriel,
„Not by God`s mercy, but my own, will
I live.
I am what I am, I did what I did,
and that will never change.’’
And then, through dread Uriel
God Almighty cyrsed me, saying.
„Then, for as long as you walk this
you and your children will cling to
You will drink only blood
You will eat only ashes
You will be always as you were at death,
Never dying, living on.
You will walk forever in Darkness,
all you touch will crumble into
until the last days.’’
I gave a cry of anguish
at this terrible curse and
tore at my flesh.
I wept blood
I caught the tears in a cup
and drank them
When I looked up from my drink of
the archangel Gabriel
gentle Gabriel
Gabriel, Lord of Mercy
appeared to me.
The archangel Gabriel said unto me,
„Son of Adam, Son of Eve,
Behold, the mercy of the Father is
than you can ever know
for even now there is a path opened
a road of Mercy
and you shall call this road [Golconda].
And tell you children of it,
for by that road may they come
once again dwell in the Light.’’
And with that, the darkness
was lifted
like a veil
and the only light was
Lilith’s bright eyes.
Looking around me, I knew
that I had Awakened.
When my energies first
surged through me
I discovered
how to move like lightning
how to borrow the strenght
of the earth [Potence]
how to be as stone
These were like
breathing once was to me.
Lilith then showed me
how she hides herself from
hunters [Obfuscate]
how she commands
obedience [Dominate]
and how she demands
respect [Presence]
Then, Awakening myself further, I found
the way to alter forms [Protean]
the way to have dominion over animals [Animalism]
the way to make eyes see sight [Auspex]
Then Lilith commanded that I stop, saying
I had over reached my bounds
That I had gone too far
That I threatened my very essence.
She used her powers and commanded me to
Because of her power, I heeded her,
but deep within me a seed was planted
a seed of rebellion
and when she turned her face from me,
I opened myself up once more, to the Night,
and saw the infinite possibilities in the stars
and knew that a path of power, a path of
was mine for the taking,
and so I awakened in me this Final Path,
from which all other paths would grow.
With this newest power, I broke the bonds
that the Lady of Night put on me
I left the Damned Queen that evening,
cloaking myself in shadows,
I fled the lands of Nod
and came at last to a place
where not even her demons could find me.

Zillah's Tale
Quote :

Let me tell the tale of Zillah
first loved of Caine,
first wife of Caine,
the sweetest blood,
the softest skin,
the clearest eyes.
Alone of Caine's newest Childer,
did Caine desire Her,
and she was not mindful of his
desire, turning away from Him.
Not gifts, not sacrifices,
not perfumes, not doves,
not beautiful dancers,
not singers, not oxen,
not sculpture, not beautiful clothes,
nothing would turn Zillah's heart
from stone to sweet fruit.
So Caine pulled at his beard
and tore at his hair
and took to roaming the wilderness
at night, thinking of her,
burning for her,
and one night Caine came upon
an old Crone singing to the moon
Caine said to the
"Why do you sing so?"
And the Crone replied,
"Because I yearn for
what I cannot have ..."
Caine said to the
"I yearn also. What can
one do?’’
The Crone smiled and
"Drink of my blood
this night,
Caine, Father of
and return tomorrow
Then will I tell you
the wisdom
of the Moon."
Caine drank at the
Crone's bare neck,
and departed.
The next night, Caine
found the Crone
sleeping on a rock.
"Wake up, Crone."
Caine said.
"I have returned."
The Crone opened one
eye and said,
"I dream of the
solution for you
this night. Drink once
more of me,
and then return
tomorrow night.
Bring a bowl of clay.
Bring a sharp knife.
I will have your answer
Once again. Caine took blood from the
who immediately fell back into a deep
When Caine returned the next night,
the Crone looked up at him and smiled,
"Greetings, Lord of the Beast," the
Crone said.
"I have the wisdom you seek."
"Take some of my blood,
into the bowl you have,
and mix in these berries
and these herbs,
and drink deep of the elixir."
"You will be irresistible.
You will be potent.
You will be masterful.
You will be ardent.
You will be glowing.
The heart of Zillah will melt
like the snows in spring."
And so. Caine drank from the Crone's
because he was so in love with Zillah,
and he so desired her love in return.
And the Crone laughed. The Crone
laughed aloud.
She had tricked him! She had trapped
Caine was angry beyond compare.
Caine reached out with his powers,
to rend this Crone apart with his
The Crone cackled and said, "Do not"
And Caine could do nothing against her.
The Crone chuckled and said. "Love
And Caine could do nothing but stare
into her
ancient eyes, desire her leathery skin.
The Crone laughed and said, "Make me
And Caine Embraced her. She cackled
laughed with the pure ecstasy of the
for it did not pain her.
"I have made you powerful. Caine of
Caine of Nod,
but you will forever be bound to me.
I have made you master of all,
but you will never forget me!
Your blood, potent as it is now,
will bond those who drink it,
as you did, once a night
for three nights.
You will be the master.
They will be your thrall, as you are mine.
For though Zillah will love you, as you
you will love me, forever. Go now, and
claim your
lovely bride, I will wait for you in the
places, while I brew more potions for
your health."
And so, heavy hearted,
Caine returned to Enoch.
And each night,
for three nights,
Zillah drank from her Sire,
though she did not know it.
And, on the third night,
Caine announced he would marry
Zillah, his sweetest Childe,
and she agreed.

The Tale of the Crone
Quote :
For a year and a day
Caine labored in service
to a Crone, who with blood-wisdom.
bound him as surety
as any prisoner.
She would visit him at night
force him to give up his blood
for her secret elixirs
and potent formulas
She would take his Childer's Childer,
and they would never be heard from again.
But Caine was wise. He did not drink
from her ever again.
And she did not ask him to, thinking
that he was ever in her Thrall.
One night. Caine went to the Crone
in the forest.
and told her of terrible dreams
that he had during his sleep.
"I fear for my life, Crone.
I fear the prophecy of Auriel,
and my Children's lust for my blood.
Tell me secret knowledge, that I might
be powerful against my own."
And the Crone went to a tree
made of gopher wood,
and broke off a limb.
She took a sharp knife
and sharpened the limb.
"Take this piece of living wood,
sharp, strong,
pierce the heart of your wayward childe.
It will render him still,
and yours to command.
Instead of feasting on your heart's blood,
he will feel the weight of your justice."
Caine said. "Thank you, Mother," and
With that, moving in quick movements,
Caine took the stake of gopher wood,
seized it and drove it
deep within the Crone's heart.
Because Caine, wise Caine
had fed not upon her for a year and a day
and because he forced his Will through
his hands, he broke the Bond she held
on him, and turned his fortune.
She laughed again, as blood welled up
and poured out of her mouth.
Her eyes poured out hate.
kissed her
once, kissed her
cold, withred lips,
and left her there
to Raphael’s gentle smile:
the sun that rises.
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Fragments of the Book of Nod
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