Children of Caine

The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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 Clan Bonuses and Weaknesses Explained

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Clan Bonuses and Weaknesses Explained Empty
PostSubject: Clan Bonuses and Weaknesses Explained   Clan Bonuses and Weaknesses Explained Icon_minitimeSat Oct 04, 2008 12:03 am

Brujah Antitribu
Clan Advantage: Two free dots of any combination of the Academics, Brawl, Streetwise or Politics abilities.

Clan Disadvantage: Prone to violence. One Trait penalties on all Self-Control/Instinct tests.

Gangrel Antitribu
Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Animal Ken and Survival abilities.

Clan Disadvantage: Animalistic Features. For every instance of Frenzy a Gangrel antitribu undergoes, they gain one animalistic feature and a Negative Social Trait (Bestial, Feral or Repugnant). No more than five Negative Traits may be gained in such a fashion.

Clan Advantage: One free dot of Church, Politics or Underworld influence. One free Sabbat Status Trait.

Clan Disadvantage: Lasombra do not appear on any reflective surface, including mirrors, water or windows, nor do they appear on black and white film. They also take an additional level of damage from exposure to sunlight.

Malkavian Antitribu
Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Awareness ability. Connection to the Malkavian Madness Network.

Clan Disadvantage: Madness. Each Malkavian suffers from at least one derangement. This derangement is permanent and can never be bought off with any amount of XP.

Nosferatu Antitribu
Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Stealth and Streetwise abilities. One free dot of the Contacts background.

Clan Disadvantage: All Nosferatu Antitribu are hideously deformed or ugly. Nosferatu antitribu must take the Negative Social Traits Repugnant x3, which may never be bought off with XP. They are also forbidden from taking the Appearance-related Social Traits Alluring, Gorgeous or Seductive.

Clan Advantage: Any 3 nonclan specific disciplines

Clan Disadvantage: No Pander may start the game with more than one Status Trait. Panders may start with a Generation no lower than 9th.

Toreador Antitribu
Clan Advantage: Two free dots in Academics, Crafts, Performance or Subterfuge abilites at character creation (One trait in any two or two traits in one).

Clan Disadvantage: When presented with an opportunity to inflict pain/suffering or to observe it (ex: Torture performed with the applicable ability x3), the Toreador Antitribu must either give into their dark passion or expend one Mental Trait to resist.

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Occult ability. At ST discretion Tzimisce may purchase any Lore up to a second dot without extensive work or specialized research, due to Tzimisce libraries. Tzimisce may also have Revenant family ghouls as Retainers.

Clan Disadvantage: Every Tzimisce must sleep during the day with two handfuls of soil from their grave or from their native homeland. Each day that a Tzimisce fails to rest thusly, they suffer an additional one-trait penalty on all challenges. This penalty is reduced on a one-for-one basis once they regain their earth and sleep appropriately.

Ventrue Antitribu
Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Academics, Finance, Leadership, Melee or Politics ability. One free Sabbat Status, either Respected, Righteous, Passionate, or Feared..

Clan Disadvantage: Restrictive feeding. Must eat blood from a specific source decided at character creation, i.e. children, stagnant blood, blood from virgins, etc
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Clan Bonuses and Weaknesses Explained
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