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The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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This Discipline allows a vampire to transform either her entire body or a part of her body into something inhuman. The vampire can thus grow claws, turn into a bat, meld into the earth or transform into mist.
A vampire can use most other Disciplines while shapeshifted. Thus, a Kindred in animal form may still read auras and communicate with animals. Only when a vampire is in mist form should additional restrictions be applied. For example, eye contact cannot be made, so Dominate powers cannot function. Additionally, while personal possessions and clothes transform with the character, larger objects will not.
No transformations are possible when a vampire is staked through the heart. Some suspect that this is possible at higher levels of ability, but it has never been confirmed Level One
Gleam of the Red Eyes
You can see perfectly in normal darkness. Limited vision is even possible in absolute darkness (e.g. an underground cave where there is no light at all), a fact that perplexes the scientific-minded among the Kindred. When this power is activated, your eyes glow an eerie red.
System: No roll need be made, but it takes one full turn for the change to occur.

Level Two
Wolf Claws
You are able to grow an inch-long claw on each finger. These claws make excellent weapons in combat and can be used in many attacks. Wounds caused by the claws are especially vicious; indeed, the wounds are aggravated and cannot be healed normally through the use of Blood Points.
System: No roll need be made; the transformation is automatic and takes but one turn to accomplish. However, one Blood Point must be spent each time the claws are grown.

Level Three
Earth Meld
One of the most prized powers that a vampire can possess, Earth Meld has saved the lives of countless vampires through the ages. This power enables you to make the earth part of yourself and thus merge with it. Others viewing your use of Earth Meld will simply see you sink into the ground.
You can only sink into earth. It is absolutely impossible to meld into earth through another substance. For example, while there may be earth underneath it, a linoleum floor completely prohibits the use of this power.
Earth Meld is a great way to find cover when outdoors. Being one with the earth prevents contact with sunlight and also provides a way to sleep away the centuries. Many ancient vampires use Earth Meld to rest in safety, and thereby gain strength and power. Some whisper that thousands of Ancients sleep within the ground and will awaken on the night of Gehenna.
System: No roll is necessary and the transformation is automatic, but a Blood Point must be spent.

Level Four
Shadow of the Beast
You may transform into either a wolf or a bat. When in the form of either creature, you benefit from all of the obvious advantages, such as the increased senses of the wolf or the bat's ability to fly.
System: No roll is required, but the transformation requires the expenditure of one Blood Point. It takes three turns to complete the transformation (though the Storyteller may allow it in one turn with the expenditure of three Blood Points) .

Level Five
Form of the Mist
You possess the vampiric power of legend to transform into mist. Your very essence seems to slowly float apart when this power is employed.
Many advantages are gained in mist form. You can float in any direction at walking speed, are not affected by physical attacks, and can slip through the tiniest of openings with ease. Additionally, you take one less die of damage from sunlight.
Contrary to popular opinion, vampires in mist form are not particularly vulnerable to powerful winds. Wind, even that of hurricane strength, cannot tear a mist form apart. However, strong winds can blow the vapor cloud about just as any other object can be pushed. Only your Potence should be taken into account when determining how stiff a wind you can resist.
System: No roll is required, but the transformation requires the expenditure of one Blood Point. It takes three turns to complete the transformation (though the Storyteller may allow it to take place in only one turn with the expenditure of three Blood Points).

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Discipline Protean
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