Children of Caine

The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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 The Entrance of Ms. White

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Isamary White
Isamary White

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PostSubject: The Entrance of Ms. White   The Entrance of Ms. White Icon_minitimeTue Oct 07, 2008 12:45 am

There was just one worth reading in the sea of graffiti before her. "Call this number for a good time" were the words before the number. It didn't fit in with the rest. All the others were a simple tag of property, of one gang's claim to fame on this patch of dirt, or some poor kid trying to shine with the skill of this street urchin art. No of all these the one no one else should be able to read for its crudely drawn manor and the fact it wasn't exactly english. Sabbat sign varied from area to area but the language was still the same. She called the number from a pay phone.

"Hello? City Morgue" came an all too chipper voice over the receiver. "Welcoming all the dead and soon to be dead."

Ignoring this unamusing joke she simply replied. "New in town, I'm kinda lost and need directions."

There was a pause, the lack of breathing on both ends almost left one thinking someone hung up. Abruptly the man sounded almost completely different as he quickly said the place and time, no directions, no parting words. Just 4819 Old County Road, 10 pm. After hanging up the phone she lit a cigarette and walked deeper into the city.

Asking around she was able to find OCR rather easily and the address 4819 was a lot of warehouses. The lot itself was fenced with barbed wire and a manned security entrance. This night however, and more possibly, never there was no one at this station. Pulling up on the HD Rocker C she 'acquired' on her way there she saw a 2 other cars already there, all behind warehouse 7. She barely acknowledged them as she parker her bike and went inside. No one spoke to her when she took her seat in the back, taking it all in there was to see, which wasnt much. The owners of the cars came in and sat in front of her. The formalities were done, the hand shake, the greeting nonverbally in sign. Who was proving what to whom didnt matter all of them passed. She was told everyone who claimed to be a member of the Sword was either dead, fled the city or infiltrating the Cam.

"When you say infiltrating you mean spies right?" She blinked as she spoke almost as a sign that she didnt quiet understand what she was hearing.

"Yes most of the city is infiltrating and its to the point that no one seems to know who is who anymore. Tonight this is all who've come to the meeting, the three of us. All the others are at this Grand Elysium, Elizabeth Blake, is hosting for the Costellos." For some reason he knew without asking he didnt want to be on this woman's bad side. When asked he admitted he did know the location of this social event.

"Lets go crash a party boys." The twinkle in her eye was not of joy but of devious plotting already stirring in cold collected thoughts.

Arriving at the party last univited and covered completely in shadows until she made her way slowly to the center of the dance floor and had most of everyone's attention on her. She looked around the room fangs out as wisps of shadows danced over her body like willow on the soft winds.

"I am Isamary White of the clan the Crown. I am new to this city and felt i should let EVERYONE know that a change will be occurring. I will personally see fit to it." As she spoke she could see the more 'gun-ho but kinda slow' puppets realize she is not Camarilla and stand up and ready themselves to attack. As a woman walked out on to the floor to greet Isamary.

"Now now everyone, all are welcome to this glorious party. This is my home and though she was not invited, I'm sure that was only because she was not in the city. To night is a night of peace, no fighting shall take place here." You could feel her demand the attention of everyone around her as everything about her screamed 'respect me my friend' "Go be marry, have fun drink and dance the night away and may dawn never come."

Wanting to see her reaction and ruffle more than a few feathers, Isamary tapped Elizabeth on the shoulder. "May I have this dance?"

Staring if only for a second too long Elizabeth offered her hand and allowed Isamary to lead her in a song. As it turns out Isamary stepped on quiet a few toes as Elizabeth had not danced all evening so no one else would and a few had hopped to be the person to have the honor of first dance with her. They took the time to introduce themselves and promise death if ever caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and after the dance Elizabeth went back to her self made throne and Isamary to a seat in the corner.

For the rest of the night kindred of all clans came up to her and did the 'nudge nudge pst pst hey i'm one of you. wink wink' signs or something along those lines. She made note of everyone who did this and calmly remained seated till a few minutes before the party was officially over with enough time for everyone to get to their havens and hide from the sun before dawn. Isamary then went to everyone she could and told them the truth. "If you are sabbat as you claim you WILL bring me the head of a Cammie by next week, tell this to all the other so called infiltrators you know. If in one weeks time you have no brought me the head of a Camarilla member in time for the esbat I will personally hunt you down for the traitor you are and present your head on a stick with pussy, bitch, or traitor written on your head depending on how well you manage to fight if at all before i tear your head from your body."

At the next esbat it was a full house.

Isamary made no effort to talk to anyone at all for that week and merely observed the city, made some contacts with mortals and established a haven for herself. When she saw sign about the next esbat she drove her bike back to the warehouse, this time however it was a full lot. Before the meeting was called and having no official title she went to the front of the warehouse anyway like she owned the place. "So who's got a head and whose head am i taking?" At this all of those who had a head came up and put it in front of her as some sort of offering, only one came forward with no head, he didnt look too bright either.

"Who the fuck are you to come into this city and demand we do what you want like you're in charge? Last i checked we're the sabbat and free to do as we please!" As he spoke he got closer and close until he was in her face and she could now see the gangrel brand on his neck.

"Last i checked you dont send in an entire pack let alone all but two of your ranks to infiltrate enemy base" At this she looked him up and down pushing him away. "Last I checked we dont have use for weak bitches who hide with the enemy or cower in fear. Last I checked, we are the monsters and the bad guys, we are what make humans keep the lights on and Cam sires tell this children we'll sneak in during the night if they're bad and eat them right up." She looked around to her brothers and sisters to see if they agreed or disagreed, honestly she didnt care because she knew it to be true.

A man wearing the same colors as the idiot infront of her came forward and informed her that a monomacy was called on her by a mister Calvin, who she could only assume was the asshole in front of her. She smiled at the priest and then turned to Calvin, "To the death is my terms no weapons." The was a shout from the crowd at the announcement that it would be to the death.

Isamary egged him on calling him every name he had heard and more as they circled each other. As soon as he lunged forward she encircled both of them in a circle shadows impossibly thick, all noise in it was muffled and no one could see in or out of it. Less than a minute later the shadow disappeared and all you could see was Isamary holding up the now truly lifeless corpse of Calvin as she drank the last of his essence as he turned to ask still in her hands. "Oh fuck...I didn't get to put your head on a stick" Members of his pack including the Priest performing the ritual cried out in pain as their link to their packmate was ripped from them.

The meeting with my obvious help was the biggest the city held in months. It was time for reformation of packs. For some reason though this Bishop Anton instead of having a monomacy for those who felt they should be priest had a contest of physical social and mental abilities to see who would be best as ducti for the new packs. Only 4 people stood up for the challenge to become leaders.

The first challenge was a basic sumo challenge, be the last to leave the circle. Round 1 Isamary was matched up with a malkavian. She within seconds was able to stake the Malkavian and the just simply kick his body out of the circle. The Ventrue and the Tzim took a while but the Tzim won when he removed the Ventrue's leg.

The second challenge pitted her in a social challenge against the Ventrue, in of all things, a starring contest. She won this just as quickly when she engulfed the two in shadows and moved from the Ventrue's line of sight and kept her own on him then dropped the shadows revealing him to be starring at nothing while she looked at the back of his head. The Malkavian won her challenge by using her eyes to inflict his insanity upon the Tzim.

Anton decided that Isamary needed no mental challenge and the others were then made to decide which of the three would the worst possible leader. The Tzim opted to be Isamary's priest.

That night Isamary left the esbat with a new pack to lead and the status Clever and Enriched. Boy are things gonna be difference around here...

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The Entrance of Ms. White
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