Children of Caine

The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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 Holy Orders

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PostSubject: Holy Orders   Holy Orders Icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2008 2:19 am

Isamary was walking out of one of tunnels leading to seats and silently made her way to the floor, because the amphitheater is empty the acustics the only sound made is heard is the loud clap of her booted heels as she walks. It was all empty. I made sure of it. My blue eyes watching every move she made. She was definatly going to fit what I saw for her. Her words made her stand out.

My fingers twitched almost wanting to make sure that my new Bishop was a woman. She had shown her rock hard balls with every encounter I witnessed. Bishop Isamary had that reputation. Slowly I slid my hand down my soft cotton pants. White. It was memory. The sun drenched mountains. Cliffs. The azure of the sea. I waited until she hit the middle of the amphitheater before I descended the stairs.

"Glad you could make it Bishop." I stated as my body glided down the stairs. My heels staying off the ground as I felt the light night air wrap around my lithe body. Every sensation pressing my eyes closed. Each moment completely sensuous. The railing whispered under my fingertips. I smiled as I watched her look around for me. The Lasombra looking for me in the shadows. I enjoyed the echo of my voice as it trailed out.

"Good evening Archbishop, what may I say is the honor for my being invited to this meeting?"

My soft laugh filled the ampitheater as I continued down the steps. "You may say it is an honor ...." My voice purred lightly before I lightly step[ed on the main floor directly in front of Isamary and out of the shadows. The woman before me was like looking at a mirror. About the same hight. Black hair. Blue eyes. Her's lighter. But too interesting. "You have an ... intriguing way of asserting yourself ..." My hand moved from the rail regreting the loss of it's touch. My eyes snap open and leveled my blue gaze at Isamary. "Very intriguing indeed ...."

She smirked. "I would apologize if i felt it was wrong but to have so many hide behind in the Camarilla like a child behind their mother's skirt is insulting." Isamary continued to hold my gaze boldly in an almost challenge. "If wish to live they should fight for that freedom or die trying not hide while others fight for them."

I could only quirk my lip in a half smile. My eyes calmly holding her blue gaze. "That is true, Bishop ...." I dropped the title again. Her title. All she had to do was claim it.

"Bishop? you keep calling me this." Her body made dramatic turns looking into the empty seats. Mocking. I hid my smile at the gesture. "Or is this Anton somewhere and I just don't see him?"

"Now that would be a trick ...." I laughed lowly and moved closer to the stunning woman. I continued to hold her gaze. "I only call people what they are...." My eyes flitted between hers. Looking for what was behind her eyes.

She bowed slightly acknowlodging the promotion. "I only ask to be able to take a...bolder approach towards what this city has been calling a fight, if we want to take this city we need to bring the fight to them. I have been asking around and it seems your other bishop, Anton, has only been securing his position and making allies on both sides for personal gain...yet no one has corrected him his error."

"So you are saying ... I'm lacking in my position bishop?" I slowly walked around the woman obviously looking her up and down.

Isamary's eyes followed me as I circled her. "Yes I am, and I will stand by that...Ma'am. Though I'd say you are making up for it now by agreeing this is time for action and allowing me to speak and do so in your name." The sound of grinding teeth pracically pressed from my bishops body and into mine.

I moved back around and faced my bishop taking one last look of her gorgeous body. "I enjoy the idea of impailed heads in my front lawn .... Makes a bold statement."

"I will weed out the weak and destroy the stupid. I will find the strong points in my brothers and sisters and help them stregthen their weak points. All the while i will bring hell unto this city for the Camarilla and their sympathizers. I will host blood feast on their bodies in your honor and fire dances for our battles. Using my cunning and our abilities this city will be ours." As I watched her her body seemed to flow into the shadows so her nearly white crystal blue pupils shown. Her whole being telling the truth as each word echoed in the empty structure. I moved forward and caressed her cheek in the undulating darkness.

"Then help me claim our city back ... it is mearly ours for the taking ....." Isamary never moved from my touch. Neither into it nor away from it. More shadows poured over Isamary's body as they seemed to pour tears from her eyes as if she were growing a second layer of skin. I was fascinated by the look of it as I could only focus on her eyes.

"Then what may I, your Black Ivory Blade, do for you Ma'am? How about I teach Anton how a leader leads?" Isamary spoke from the shadows. Now the only things I could see were her eyes and teeth. A moan of delight ripped through my mouth. My hand caressed her cheek before pulling pulling back slowly.

"Just bring him back to me for the final lesson ... my dear blade."
"At the next esbat I shall call a game to capture him or to attract the eager and bold a Wild Hunt, first to capture him may use him to stregthen the sect?"
"Ooooooooooo I love games ... but yes ... his capture will strengthen us all ...."
"Is there anything else I need do for you?"
"Oooo what you could do ... as for right now ... no ..."

My tone light and full of disire as I stepped back again. My hands almost wanted to clap with glee at this marvelous woman before me. "I will accept the position of Bishop and have a blood bath worthy of the position with Anton's final death." Her tone was usual for the Bishop she was just getting to know. I licked my lips lightly at the mention of blood. My teeth itched to sink into flesh.

"You will do fabulous my Bishop."

Isamary watched my lips. My lips curled in a seductive smile. Her eyes flashed as they stayed on my lips. "...have you fed this evening? I would love to see you hunt."

"I was waiting until after the meeting ..." My eyes watched hers. I glanced at her teeth and back up at her eyes. "Would you like to hunt with me, Bishop?"

"I would LOVE to." Isamary's face re-emerged from the shadows. Her smile growing as her lips appeared.

"And where would you like to go ...." I moaned stepping closer.

"This is your city, I'm sure you know all the best spots. Do you have a craving for anything in particular?"

I pressed against the woman. My bishop. My nose lightly trailed up her neck before my soft voice pressed into her ear. "Anything that sings to me ... Innocence ...."

"Mmmmm do you mean innocent as a nun, or a new born babe or an alter boy...though the priest these days do seem to get to them first..."

"Nuns ..." My nose lightly pressed up against Isamary's earlobe nuzzling it lightly. She remained completely still. "Do you mind nun?" I whispered again before pulling back my head to look her in the face. Her grin widened.

"My sire was a devoted priest. I believe we can go to St. Lawrence and confess our ..." Her tongue licked her fangs. "...sins."

"Then you are definatly going to have fun...." I ran my tongue lightly over my fangs before pulling back the rest of the way. "Too bad I have racked up my sins ...."

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PostSubject: Re: Holy Orders   Holy Orders Icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2008 1:14 am

We arrived the church. Behind the church was the housing for the nuns that took care of the grounds. I had hunted here before. Well around here before. I never usually came this close to the buildings. It was different to be sure. The moon danced through the trees and across the stones of the buildings. The grass took on the contrasted colors of the moonlight. Softly the bell tolled midnight as the two of us headed towards the church.

Sliding into the church, I heard a noise coming from the sanctuary. Softly I walked on the balls of my feet before slipping the inner doors open. As I entered the all I noticed was shadow following me and not my bishop. She must have slipped into the shadows. At the front of the sanctuary stood the Abbess. I watched her as she slowly pressed the snuffer to the wicks of the candles. Her aura was a shiny white. I almost was mesmerized by it. It was in awe that I spoke. She was so pure. "Holy mother ...." My quiet voice echoed in the sanctuary as I used my sight; I was glad to find that there was no one else in the area.

Her blood sang to me as it pumped through her veins as she jumped and dropped the snuffer. It clanged to the floor with a surprisingly loud sound ringing through the chapel. I bent down and lightly pick the snuffer up and hand it back to the Abbess. "I am sorry, Holy Mother ...." It took all my strength to not take her blood at that moment. My mouth watered slightly. So innocent. So pure.

"How did you ... where did you ... who are you?" The woman whispered softly her blood pumping stronger as she tried squeeze past me. Lightly I took the woman in my arms and hugged her.

"Holy Mother ... I had to come to speak with someone." My arms held her tighter as I pressed fear from her but created more passion within her. My nose enjoying her smell. Her aura danced with the gold of her spiritual nature as well as the orange from her fear mixing with deep red of her desire. She wanted me as much as I wanted her blood. I suppressed her fear more pressing the hideous orange from my sight. My mouth slowly made it's way to her neck. "I have felt the ... need ... to become a nun." Her blood was so close. So near. It was cruel foreplay.

"Oh well...I'm not the person incharge of that...if you wish you may come back...tomorrow. Our office hours are..." She gulped as she looked into my eyes pulling from me slightly. It was then I saw my bishop again. Her body pressed behind the Abbess; her arms wrapped around the Abbess' waist as she held the woman as close as I held her. Isamary's eyes flashed holding the Abbess where she stood between us.

I smiled at the woman, my finger moving and trailing down the Mother's jaw and neck. "Let me show you a new world ...." I smiled broader at the woman. Her aura dancing in the dark shades of red. Her body warming to my touch. Even the white dimmed. So pure. My hand caressed the Abbess' breast as I kissed her neck. Blood. Lust. Memories started to come back. Sex. Pounding. Thrusting. My kisses grew deeper before I gave in and slipped my teeth into the mother's neck. Her blood exploded into my mouth. My body pressed to hers. Deep red flashed. Memory again. Hands pulled, caressed, fondled, stroked. Softly I moaned as I ripped at the Abbess' clothes.

The Abbess' knees buckled, Isamary pressed closer easily holding the sandwiched woman up. The other vampire's hands wrapping around my body. My body quivered with the Abbess'. More memories flashed as Isamary's fingers entwined with the Abbess' holding the three of us against together. Abbess quivered and convulsed as she was lost in the thralls of my kiss. I moaned into the kiss more as my hand slipped into the Abbess' dress caressing her warm parts. My body shuddering in near climax as I drank deeper.

More memories flooded. Sun hit my skin. Sun-drenched white cotton clung to my body. Passion ran to my most secret places. I caressed her warmth more remembering everything. My hands reaching for my bishop. Fingers pressed further into the Abbess. Slowly the weakened woman was pulled from me. Isamary carried her to the alter. It was almost a mocking offer to the statue of the crucified Jesus bleeding behind it. With a practiced motion I licked the blood from my lips before I licked my fingers softly. The woman's taste filling me, just as her blood filled me.

"Nothing like pure innocence in adults ... like an aged wine."
"So...are you going to finish her or should I help her forget?"
"Oh she won't remember ... or people won't believe ...."

I pressed closer to the table. My body bending as I lapped at the wound in her neck, hand trailing down to the Abbess' breast again. "But a few more drops couldn't hurt...." I noticed Isamary's frown from the corner of my eye before a smile crossed her face. Did she really think that I would leave a loose strand. I hadn't gotten to my position by being stupid. My attention turned back towards the Abbess. She was still moaning. Her eyes wide and glazed over by ecstasy. My fingers moving back to her warmth. "Don't you want to release just once before you die .... my dearest Abbess?" I moaned before drinking again.

"Oh ... oh ... God ...." She responded eagerly to my fingers and hand. Tears slide from her eyes. There was no pain in my memory. Only pleasure. My pleasure. I moaned as my body neared climax from her blood.

"Just one my dearest ...." I cooed before sucking deeper. My fingers plunging into my pray as my orgasm ripping through my body. Unable to get enough. My thirst never sated. The Abbess' wetness pooled from between her legs so fiecely it spilled onto the floor almost as if the years of abstinance has built a dam. My fingers crushed the dam. Between the kiss and my fingers, my poor Abbess passed out. My fingers trailed in the wetness before I tasted her again.

"There is a bit left for a snack Bishop ...." that Persephone's fingers crush the dam cause the floor to come rushing forward. Between the blood loss and overstimulation the Abbess passes out.

"Oh...I'm more than good Peresphone .... I should be going to spread the word though..."
"You should ..."
"Here is my card and number."

I slowly pocketed the card after memorizing the number. "Thank you, my Bishop ... may you find your fun this night ...."

"Oh this was very fun... and enlightening...." Isamary turned into a shadow and melted into the natural shadows; a few moments later the only sound I could hear was a motorchycle roaring into the quiet night. Smirking I slipped out my cell phone. Quickly sending a text to the 'asylum'. Too bad my kiss drove them to their deaths or towards insanity. It was the curse all us Malks bore. At least if one got sloppy, they wouldn't be believed. As silently as I arrived I too slipped into the dark. A new era was coming.

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Holy Orders
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