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The war still wages and this city just came under sabot control. Are you here to manipulate your way into a position of power, or just help keep it in our grasp, are you trying to make a name for yourself, or running away from something else.
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 Disipline: Vicissitude

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The Fiends of Eastern Europe harbor twisted secrets that make other vampires shudder. Vicissitude, the signature Discipline of the Tzimisce clan, reflects the inner nature of the most alien of vampires. Through Vicissitude, the wielder can reshape flesh inder his very touch, whether into gross deformity or unearthly beauty.
When use on mortals, ghouls, revenants and vampires of weaker generation than the user, Vicissitude's effects are permanent. Vampires of equal or more powerful potent generations can heal back on each Vicissitude-inflicted scar as an aggravated wound. Of course, a user of this Discipline can alwyas shape his own flesh as desired.
Nosferatu, Samedi and vampires with similar deformities in their blood always heal back alterations of Vicisitude that attempt to improve their appearances. The Curse of Caine is not so easily circumvented.
Vicissitude uses the Crafts: Body Crafts Ability for retests. Most Vicissitude effects require physical contact and a Physical Challenge as the vampire tears into the flesh of the opponent. Such strikes use Crafts: Body Crafts for retestsm instead of Brawl, since the aim is to mutate the flesh. For certain surgical effects, the Storyteller may require some level of Medicine Ability as well LEVEL 1
• Changeling
Roll: Intelligence + Body Alteration, difficulty 7
By spending a blood point, the vampire may change one of her physical features -- anything from the size of her nose, to an animal feature, to her eye color. The difficulty to use this power to raise Appearance is 10, and a botch reduces the trait.
Roll: Intelligence + Disguise, difficulty 10
By spending a blood point, the vampire may physically alter her flesh to look like someone else, with results as follows:
1 suc. She looks a little like the target.
2 suc. She could fool anyone who doesn’t know the target.
3 suc. She looks reasonably like the target. Most people won’t notice there is one small deviation or two.
4 suc. She’s close. Damn close.
5 suc. She could fool even family or close friends.

Malleable Visage
Bending your flesh under your hands, you can change your own appearance. Malleable Visage allows you to duplicate others or simply make your own surface skin different from your natural forms. Cosmetic changes like alterations of voice or skin tone and build are all possible, though you must actually sculpt the desired changes into your flesh.
Changing yourself with Malleable Visage costs one Blood Trait, and it requires you to spend time reshaping yourself appropriately. If you hope to copy someone else, you must make a Static Mental challenge, difficulty of the subject's Social Traits, to pull off the disguise, and you still use your own Social Traits for any challenge- you are simply duplicating the person's appearance. You can also afflict yourself with a hideous visage, taking on Repugnant's Negative Traits (up to three such additional Traits maximum).

Your hands can turn flesh to putty, shaping like potter's clay. You can perform drastic alterations to the flesh and organs of any creature that you touch.
You must touch your victim to use Fleshcraft, pulling or shaping the flesh to yous whims. You can reshape flesh on yourself or others within the limits described in Malleable Visage, or you can move around clumps of tissue or simply reduce someone to scarred deformity. These attacks do not inflict damage, but each such strike causes the victim to suffer a Negative Trait of Repugnant (to a maximum of three such Traits from this power). If you alter the distribution of skin, fat and muscle, you can remove one (and only one) of your subject's Physical Traits and replace it with an extra health level, or reverse such an operations.
Roll: Dexterity + Body Alteration, difficulty 7,
By spending a blood point, the vampire may make more drastic changes in her own flesh, or that of another. (An unwilling victim must first be subdued.) If used to disfigure a victim, reduce Appearance by one for each success.

Roll: Strength + Body Alteration, difficulty 7
By spending a blood point, the vampire may make very drastic changes in her own bone structure, or that of another. (An unwilling victim must first be subdued.) If used to disfigure a victim, reduce Appearance by one for each success. If used without Fleshcraft, with the intent of injury, the victim takes one die of damage for each success.

Just as you shape flesh with your touch, you can grasp and twist bone, turning it into any desired shape or moving, lengthening, bending, or compressing it. Bonecraft lets you literlly pull the bone through a subject's flesh, or you can use it with Fleshcraft to completely restructure a victim- or yourself.
Using Bonecraft allows you to remake appearances just like Fleshcraft, but you can also change someone's height or body structure, reshape bone into unusual or spectacular fomrs, and even make bone spurs and weapons. You must grab the victim, and then twist, pull or bend the bones appropriatel. If you do so without exercising Fleshcraft, each such strike causes one level of lethal damage as bones warp and tear their way through flesh. Used in conjunction with Fleshcraft, you can rebuid someone's visage completely, or you can create defensive spines or offensive bone weapons. Such alterations allow the subject to inflict lethal damage with otherwise unarmed attacks.

Horrid Form
By spending two blood points, the vampire may transform into a horrible monster. This form is about eight feet tall and muscular, with six to eight fingers on each hand, and has black pus in place of skin. In this form, the vampire’s hand damage is increased by one, her physical traits are each increased by three, and her social traits are each reduced to zero.

You won body warps and grows into a hisdeous monstrosity with Horrid Form. Your skin becomes black, rubbery and slimy, while sharp boney spikes protrude from your hands and back. You grow to a full eight feet in height,land you shift into something from a nightmare vision. Those unused to such sights may need to make a Courge test.
Awakening the Horrid form costs two Blood Traits. You gain the Negaive Social Traits Bstial, Feral, and Repugnant in this form, but you also gain the Physical Traits Brawny, Dexterous, Enduring, Ferocious, Quick and Stalwart for the duration of the power. You may also not initiate Social Challenges except for the purpose of intimidation. You inflict lethal damage in brawling combat, and you score and extra health level of damage on all such attacks. You may remain in Horrid form until you decide to change back.

Inner Essence
The vampire may convert her body parts to blood, which may later be used to reform the body part in question; other than the head, the body part may also be regenerated. The upper torso and legs are each worth two blood points; the arms, lower torso, and head are each worth one blood point.

Deliquescing into a puddle of vitae is within your power. You need only to concentrate briefly, and you can reduce any of your limbs or body parts into a puddle of your own pure blood.
Each limb (arm, leg, head) that you transform becomes one Blood Trait; your body forms the remainder of your Blood Traits, up to your maximum size. You can change part or all of yourself, as desired. This blood functions in all ways as your own blood, but you retian a level ot autonomic control over it. InBloodform, you can move at a slow walking pace as a puddle of blood, oozing over things and through cracks. Changing body parts back requires only that you be in contact with the blood, or that you regrow your part by expnding Blood Traits appropriate to the part (a single Trait to regrow a limb for instance), in which case the blood that previously formed the piece becomes inert. While fully in Bloodform, you can use mental Disciplines, and you are immune to all physical dangers except fire or sunlight. If all of the blood is imbibed or destroyed while you are in this form, though, you meet Final Death.

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Disipline: Vicissitude
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